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University Hospitals of Derby & Burton NHS Foundation Trust

3 November 2022

640 nurses recruited in just under 4 years, with a current annual deployment of 250 nurses


We have supplied this client with international nurses to work in a range of settings including Medicine and Surgery, more specifically Theatres, ICU, NICU, Oncology, Preoperative, Emergency Medicine, Cardiovascular, Paediatrics and Endoscopy with a requirement of c.25 nurses per month.  We commenced our relationship when they were operating as 2 separate trusts (Queens Hospital in Burton and Royal Hospital in Derby – 12 miles apart but very different in terms of culture/demographic and organisational performance including CQC reports and operating procedures). Pre-merger Burton was taken over by Derby as a failing Trust so the key challenge was to manage candidate expectations and perceptions, as they all wanted to work at Derby and not Burton.  When dealing with this issue, we position the concept of “the Trust” rather than the “individual hospital”, emphasising that terms and conditions are aligned throughout the Trust and the strength of the opportunity sits with the organisation as a whole and not the individual location. 


Our approach to this project has been successful as we have achieved 100% fulfilment, and none of our nurses has withdrawn from the process or left within 6 months of achieving NMC registration. As we source nurses predominantly from the Philippines, India and UAE and we have an annual deployment plan with this client where nurses are allocated to a cohort start date based on their progress through the NMC’s ONP, therefore we guarantee fulfilment in alignment with the client’s requirements.  

We have worked with Resource Finder for four years now and as a Trust we feel spoilt by the service we get as we know we get more than many other Trusts do with other agencies. The service provided is reliable and they have always delivered, and we know Resource Finder will go above and beyond to ensure we’re satisfied and importantly, candidates are happy and looked after.

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University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

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We are very proud of our awards and accreditations recognised by the frameworks governing NHS procurement procedures, enabling us to recruit safely and efficiently for candidates and clients alike.