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What is it like living in the UK?

Take a look at our Life in the UK page, where we have some helpful information about life and living in the UK.

What is it like working in the UK healthcare industry?

Take a look at these testimonials from overseas-educated nurses and midwives that Resource finder has supported through the recruitment process.

I want to start the process of applying to NMC/HCPC/GMC, can anyone help me?

Yes, please contact our Head of Clinical Education and Pastoral support on enquiries@resourcefinderuk.com They will get in touch with you to discuss and explain the requirements to you and guide you through the process.

Which professions do you recruit?

We are actively recruiting nurses, midwives, mental health nurses, radiographers, doctors, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists. Please visit our vacancies page to see our current advertisements.

I want to work in the UK but I don’t know which job would suit me best?

You can speak directly to our recruitment team by contacting enquiries@resourcefinderuk.com They can advise you on finding an employer that is seeking your skills, cities in the UK, support networks and much more.

If I need help with a query, who do I contact?

You can email us at enquiries@resourcefinderuk.com or use our Contact Form. Both are is monitored daily and your query will be dealt with promptly.

When will I receive my NMC pin?

Once you have passed your OSCE exam your results will be emailed to you and upon you passing the OSCE, the NMC will review your complete application and check everything you have submitted as part of your application. It can take the NMC around 35 days to review everything and issue your PIN.

Is it possible to relocate from one Trust to another before finishing the 3 year contract? 

No, it’s not possible. Once you sign up for your contract, we advise you to read your contract and your offer letter very carefully, you usually are within a contract with a Trust which has relocated you for the first three years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move from ward to ward in the same Trust.