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What happens when I arrive in the UK?

You will be greeted at the airport either by your employer or a representative of Resource Finder and you will then be escorted to your accommodation. Resource Finder will maintain contact with you throughout your UK experience, we can offer advice on any pastoral support you may require.

Can I travel to the U.K. with my family upon deployment?

We strongly recommend you travel alone in the first instance and bring your family over as dependents once you are settled in the U.K and have passed your OSCE. The accommodation provided by the NHS Trusts is for single occupancy. Unless you have family over or friends in the U.K. already who are happy to offer support, we recommend that you travel alone to start with.

Of course there are exemptions to the rules, so please discuss your personal situation with your Recruitment Consultant and we will be happy to help you as much as we can.

Do I have to pay for my flight?

The Trust will pay for your flight to the UK, you will not have to pay for any of your travel and arrangements.