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Do I have to take and pass an English exam?

Yes, you must pass an English exam. For NMC registration you can take either the UKVI IELTS or Academic IELTS and score 7 in each section & 6.5 in Writing or you can take the OET and score a B in each section and a C+ in Writing.

AHPs must take the Academic IELTS unless there is an OET test relevant to their speciality.

What is the IELTS/OET band score?

The current scores required for IELTS and OET English language tests are as follows:

IELTS: Listening = 7, Reading = 7, Writing = 6.5, Speaking =7

OET: Listening = B (350 to 440), Reading = B (350 to 440), Writing = C+ (300 to 440), Speaking = B (350 to 440)