Dedicated in-house OSCE training

OSCE - Objective Structured Clinical Examination

The Test of Competence - assessing candidates against the current UK pre-registration standards

Our in-house OSCE prep training is delivered over a 4-week programme. We provide practical on-site OSCE training for RGNs or tailor-made practical OSCE training packages to suit Trust’s onboarding programmes and it is based on the criteria set by the NMC. Our course equips candidates with the practical and theoretical knowledge to pass their OSCE exam.

OSCE training with Resource Finder

  • To date, our candidates have had a 100% success rate.
  • Our OSCE training is delivered in our dedicated on-site training rooms at our head office in Hull.
  • The programme is led by our Principle Clinical Educator and covers all core elements set out in part 2 of the NMC test of competence.
  • We have a dedicated online training portal to support our OSCE programme, enabling candidates to study online alongside their face-to-face training.

The OSCE exam

The OSCE is made up of 10 stations, with a total testing time of approx. 2.5 hours



Four of the stations are based on a health scenario and are based on the APIE process. A – Patient-centred assessment, P – Planning care, I – Implementation, E – Evaluation. Each of the stations are timed and includes a variety of nursing skills.


Skills stations test practical and written clinical skills. The timing for each skill varies depending on the skill and you will take 4 of these skills within your OSCE exam.


One station will specifically assess professional values and one station will specifically assess evidence-based practice.


This station is a written station where you will explore nursing and midwifery professional values and behaviours. This station is a 10-minute station.

Online OSCE preparation with Resource Finder

We have developed an e-learning portal to support candidates in achieving their OSCE pass. The e-learning platform covers all areas of the RGN OSCE, with other OSCE disciplines coming soon.

The e-learning portal is available alongside the test provider resources and will prepare candidates prior to OSCE practical training with each Trust.

Dedicated to success


  • Adult – New ToC Pathway part two

  • Midwifery – New ToC Pathway

  • Pre-arrival OSCE Training Preparation


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We are very proud of our awards and accreditations that enable us to recruit safely and efficiently for candidates and clients alike