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Dedicated in-house and online OSCE training

OSCE training for International Nurses & Midwives

Dedicated training supported by experienced trainers

Our in-house OSCE preparation training is delivered over a four-week programme. We have a 100% pass rate and our programme facilitates the alignment of the international nurses’  and midwives’ skills to the Test of Competence.

We provide practical on-site OSCE training for RGNs and RMs with our tailor-made practical OSCE training packages to suit Trust’s onboarding programmes based on the criteria set by the NMC.


OSCE training success with Resource Finder

  • To date, our candidates have had a 100% success rate.
  • Our OSCE training is delivered in our dedicated on-site training rooms at our head office in Hull and can also be delivered at Trust sites, if required.
  • The programme is led by our Principle Clinical Educator and covers all core elements set out in part 2 of the NMC test of competence for RGNs and RMs.
  • Dedicated online training portal to support our OSCE programme, enabling candidates to study online alongside their face-to-face training.
  • 24/7 training portal access with monitored testing outcomes.


We are very proud of our in-house clinical training facility, equipped with everything candidates need



Our Principle Training Lead is a Registered Nurse of over 15 years and has held various nursing roles in the UK. She became involved in nursing education in 2020 and is a desidated OSCE trainer for Adult and Mental Health overseas nurses.


Our in-house OSCE training facility is fully equipped with everything nurses and midwives require to carry out their training. All equipment is supplied and replenished weekly along with refreshments and lunch.


Even after the training course has completed, our team is continually on hand to support candidates as they prepare up to the date of their OSCE. We here for reassurance, further advice and moral support ahead of the exam.


We provide mock exams for each candidate to ensure they are fully prepped and ready for their OSCE completing each station in the allocated time successfully.

Dedicated Online OSCE Training Portal

Our on-site training is supported by our dedicated online OSCE Training Portal, allowing candidates to review online resources and mock tests throughout their training programme.

The e-learning platform covers all areas of the RGN and RM OSCE. It is available alongside the test provider resources and will prepare candidates before and during OSCE practical training with each Trust. Our courses successfully equip candidates with the practical and theoretical knowledge to pass their OSCE exam.

The OSCE online training portal is available 24/7 with all the skills and scenarios required for the OSCE test preparation. It has been designed to provide the convenience of learning on the go and so candidates can pause, rewind and re-learn whenever and wherever they wish. It acts as an additional support for our face-to-face training, increasing the first time pass rate.

Dedicated to success

Pre-deployment OSCE Preparation Programme

Our e-learning programme is designed to improve first-time pass rates and enhance NHS Trust’s existing OSCE training giving candidates a higher chance of achieving a first-time pass. Our programme includes:

  • 12 hours (approx.) of supported, online OSCE e-learning
  • Providing improved readiness and awareness of the OSCE
  • Enhancement of existing OSCE practical training
  • Accessible pre and post-UK arrival
  • Individual learning access with monitoring outcomes
  • 24/7 online training portal access

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Our Accreditations

We are very proud of our awards and accreditations recognised by the frameworks governing NHS procurement procedures, enabling us to recruit safely and efficiently for candidates and clients alike.