Here is a selection of candidate testimonials and stories of working with our team. We're not ones to blow our own trumpet but we want to show future candidates and clients what's it's like to work with us!



Registered Nurse

I gained a lot of confidence in OSCE through the course

The OSCE training was very informative. Kerry ensures that we know and understand everything. I gained a lot of confidence in OSCE through the course.

Kerry made sure that whatever she teaches is up to date with the marking criteria. She gives each station practice material for us, also guiding us on how to approach each station. Allowing us to practise the APIE and skill station, she gives feedback which was very honest and comprehensive, and it is very helpful. She is always available to deal with queries that we have, very supportive and encouraging.



Registered Nurse

I am grateful that I was a part of such training

I had a good experience with Resource Finder regarding our OSCE training.

Kerry helped me a lot in giving training and guiding us about the OSCE exam. She even provided me with rough materials. Apart from that, she provided us with booklets and activities to do in our homes that were very useful. In Resource Finder we even practically did the training on dummies and experienced a new thing. I am grateful that I was a part of such training. Thanks to Resource Finder.


Akira, Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse

Thank you for your support through OSCE training

Regarding my OSCE training, the facilitator has been excellent and I felt well-supported and able to ask questions frequently. The pace of the learning has been student-led, allowing me to fully grasp the learning required, expectations and the marking criteria. Thank you Kerry!