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Launching our exclusive programme designed to support the next generation of nurses

Resource Finder commits £100,000 to tackle global health emergency

We are very proud to announce the launch of our Nursing to Nurture programme, where we are committing £100,000 a year to help tackle the global nursing shortage. Nursing to Nurture is designed to support the next generation of nurses globally with an investment towards professional development and growth within their home country.

We recruit nurses from countries including the Philippines, India, Africa, UAE and Europe for roles within the NHS and for every nurse we recruit from these countries, we will financially support another nurse to help them complete their final exams or rejoin the healthcare profession and remain in their home country. Our programme will launch in April with candidates in the Philippines and is expected to support approximately 500 nurses every year.

There is a shortage of nurses across the world, and the industry needs to be mindful of the global need.  The Nursing to Nurture initiative is our commitment to supporting the demand for nurses across the world, not just those in the UK.  In countries such as the Philippines and India, there’s a significant amount of  ‘almost qualified’ nurses and nurses whose careers have lapsed due to financial constraints in relation to things such as board exams, employment examinations and ongoing CPD; consequently, the number of nurses dropping out or not making it into the profession is significant.
Robert Fuller, Resource Finder Founder & MD.


With Nursing to Nurture, we will give nurses we work with the opportunity to nominate a nurse in their home country who will benefit from financial support from Resource Finder to complete or maintain the necessary commitments to commence and prolong their nursing career, specifically in their own country. There is no expectation on nurses we support to make any commitment to ever work in the UK.  The sole purpose is to support nurses overseas to gain employment in their home country and contribute to the delivery of healthcare there.

More nurses practising brings stability to workforces which is one of the outcomes we hope to see through initiatives such as Nursing to Nurture. With more stability in the working environment for nurses, we hope the nursing profession becomes more attractive and entices more people into nursing careers and importantly retains nurses within the profession too.

This may seem a small contribution to a huge global emergency, but if other companies and organisations were prepared to contribute in a similarly ethical and aware manner,  together we might be able to make a significant impact towards the global need for nurses.
Robert Fuller, Resource Finder Founder & MD.

For further information about the programme, visit Nursing to Nurture.

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