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Supporting you in achieving CBT success


The competence-based test, known as the CBT is an online multiple-choice exam set by the NMC to test your ability and knowledge to practice nursing safely in here the UK.

The CBT forms part one of the NMC Test of Competence, the second is the OSCE. You can sit your CBT or OSCE in any order, but you must successfully complete both parts to continue with your application for initial NMC registration or readmission.

Working in partnership with NHS England, creating an exclusive midwife CBT support programme.

  • Candidates will have exclusive access to 2 learning platforms to support internationally educated midwives
  • The platforms will provide collaborative working with UK-educated midwives
  • Learning support begins with a successful interview through Resource Finder for candidates specifically in the North East and Yorkshire Region
  • Candidates will be supported through their CBT learning journey with access to the learning platforms managed by UK educated midwives with the insight on how to pass your CBT


We are very proud of our partnership with NHS England, ensuring we can support midwives and our clients successfully



Access to exclusive insights and guidance.


Advice from registered midwives and key NHS England dedicated teams.


Around-the-clock support and access to online platforms.


The midwife CBT is notoriously hard to pass due to the international differences in midwifery education and practice in the UK. Our programme supports the transition.

International midwifery

Midwifery education and the role and expectations of newly-qualified midwives vary hugely across the world, more so than for nursing. Midwives who trained in countries where the midwifery education and practice are very different to ours can lead to difficulties for individuals who are taking the test of competence.

Midwives are recruited whose education and experience are very different to the requirements in the UK, it will be much more challenging for them to achieve the standard expected for Midwifery registration in the UK. For this reason, we created the CBT midwifery programme with NHS England to enable more midwives to achieve CBT and gain a career in the NHS successfully.

Kerry Thompson

Principle Clinical Educator

CBT education lead

Kerry has over 14 years of experience as a registered nurse

Kerry Thompson is our Principle Clinical Educator and she is dedicated to providing candidate support pre and post-deployment to the UK. As a registered nurse, Kerry has worked in the NHS for over 14 years and so she provides excellent insight into the life of a nurse and clinical requirements and environments. Kerry can also provide dedicated OSCE training on-site, should NHS Trusts require off-site learning, at the Resource Finder office in our dedicated clinical training room, and support candidates at every stage of the exam process.

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Our Accreditations

We are very proud of our awards and accreditations recognised by the frameworks governing NHS procurement procedures, enabling us to recruit safely and efficiently for candidates and clients alike.